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Ile des Embiez

Ile des Embiez Wine Estate is the furthest flung vineyard of the Côtes de Provence appellation and the only estate in the village of Six-Fours-les-Plages. Eco-pioneer Paul Ricard knew he wanted to pursue the site's wine-making tradition when he bought the island. Today, his successors faithfully uphold his legacy and continue to promote this unique terroir on Ile des Embiez. Every step of the process is done on the island, from tending the vines, harvesting the grapes by hand and vinifying the juice in the island’s cellar (close to the main square) right through to ageing and bottling the wine. The island’s clay-limestone soil reaps the benefit of the sea’s influence, yielding grapes whose acidity is beautifully preserved in the wines. This influence is what makes our wines with their pleasant saline structure so distinctive.

Everyone knows that Paul Ricard created the eponymous pastis drink, but you might not know that he also produced wine, and not just any wine — wine made here on the island…

Respecting values

Ile des Embiez is a lush oasis where our commitment to respecting the flora and fauna, be it on land or in the sea, is a constant guide in everything we do. It is only natural then that organic agriculture is practised on our estate.

To ward off disease, we use only products authorised in organic farming including sulphur (to prevent oidium) and copper sulphate (to combat mildew), both naturally occurring. The soil is weeded mechanically.

Harvesting typically takes place in late summer when the grapes are sun-gorged. Our berries are always picked by hand in small boxes, in the wee hours of the morning so they stay as fresh as possible. The fruit spends a night in a cold container. Next, the grapes are transferred to the cellar where they are immediately pressed and the vinification process begins.


Vinification is the process of turning the grape must (juice) into wine. This phase is done in vats. The yeast converts the sugar in the grapes into alcohol by the process of alcoholic fermentation. To preserve the aromas, we carry out fermentation at low temperatures. We consciously keep the oenological inputs we use to a strict minimum and actively reduce doses of SO2.

AOP Côte de Provence Rosé

• Blend :
30% Grenache, 70% Cinsault
• Palate :
Fruity and tangy notes
• Food pairing :
Risottos, carpaccios as well as fish and grilled meats. It also goes very well with Asian flavours.
• Serving :
Between 8 and 10 °C
• Price :

IGP Pays du Var Rosé

• Blend :
Grenache, Cinsault
• Palate :
Citrus notes
• Food pairing :
Grilled and barbecued
• Serving :
Between 8 and 10 °C
• Price :

Ile des Embiez's Red wine

• Blend :
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault
• Palate :
Notes of candied fruit, vanilla and liquorice
• Food pairing :
Rib of beef, grilled meats, game. Excellent accompaniment to all types of cheese.
• Serving :
Between 14 and 16 °C
• Price :
2014 : 16€
2017 : 12€

AOP Côte de Provence White

• Blend :
55% Ugni white, 45% Rolle
• Palate :
Floral and fruity notes with a nice acidity
• Food pairing :
Seafood platters, scallops, fish
• Serving :
Between 8 and 10 °C
• Price :


Ile des Embiez Vineyard

Eco-pioneer Paul Ricard knew he wanted to pursue the site’s wine-making tradition when he bought the island. Today, his successors faithfully uphold his legacy and continue to promote this unique terroir on Ile des Embiez. Most of the vine work is done by hand.

In winter
Pruning and tying-up

In spring
Disbudding, training, tilling the soil, mechanical weeding, treatment, foliar fertilising

In summer
Ripeness monitoring, harvesting

In autumn
Green manuring, modifications

Ile des Embiez Vineyard

Vineyard planted
Paul Ricard buys Ile des Embiez and 10 hectares of AOC, Côtes de Provence and Vin de Pays du Var
Wine divided into AOC Côtes de Provence and Vins du Pays du Var
Start of switch to organic viticulture.
Our rosé and white wines are AB (organic agriculture) certified
Our red wines are AB (organic agriculture) certified

Where to buy our wines

Our Wine Shop

Our wine shop is located on the main square across from the estate wine cellar. It is open through summer for tastings and the sale of Domaine Ile des Embiez wine.


Wednesday to Sunday (and public holidays) from 11 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 6.45 pm


For groups (15+ visitors):
Cellar tour and wine tastings available on request. Free bottle of rosé for each participant.

Price: €30 incl. tax per person.

Contact: +33 (0)6 33 83 79 26

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