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Ile des Embiez

Domaine Ile des Embiez is a unique and atypical terroir of the Côtes de Provence. it is also labeled Organic Agriculture. The Domaine des Embiez is anchored in the DNA of the island : the planting of the first vines dates back to 1580. A tradition that Paul Ricard will not fail to perpetuate since its acquisition in 1958. This precursor in terms of ecology, has so at heart to continue the wine history of this island paradise. A desire perpetrated by his descendants who insist that each bottle of the Domaine de l'Ile des Embiez be entirely produced on site : planting and maintenance of the vines, harvesting by hand, pressing and fermentation in the estate's cellar, aging and bottling. in a bottle. The sandy-clayey, schistose and limestone soils benefit from maritime influences, allowing the preservation of good acidity and making the typicality of the wines, themselves characterized by attractive saline wefts.

Everyone knows that Paul Ricard created the eponymous pastis drink, but you might not know that he also produced wine, and not just any wine — wine made here on the island…

Respecting values

The island of Embiez is a green setting where respect for terrestrial and marine flora and fauna is a constant commitment. It is therefore only natural that the estate be labeled Organic Agriculture. Thus, the vineyard is managed in strict compliance with the rules of Organic Farming in order to ensure the preservation of the environment. The harvest is generally carried out at the end of summer, when the grapes are full of sunshine. They are made exclusively by hand and in boxes, early in the morning to preserve freshness. They are then transferred to the cellar for pressing and fermentation before becoming the refreshing wine that we know.


Vinitfication consists of transforming grape must into wine. This phase is carried out in tanks. Thanks to the yeasts, the sugars contained in the grapes will be transformed into alcohol; this is the process of alcoholic fermentation. To preserve the aromas, we carry out these fermentations at low temperature

AOP Côte de Provence Rosé

• Blend :
Grenache, Cinsault
• Palate :
Fruity and tangy notes
• Food pairing :
Risottos, carpaccios as well as fish and grilled meats.
• Serving :
Between 8 and 10 °C
• Price :

Ile des Embiez's Red wine

• Blend :
Merlot, Cabernet
• Palate :
Notes of aromas of red fruits, prunes and spices
• Food pairing :
Rib of beef, grilled meats, game. Excellent accompaniment to all types of cheese.
• Serving :
Between 14 and 16 °C
• Price :

AOP Côte de Provence White

• Blend :
Ugni white, Rolle
• Palate :
Floral and fruity notes with a nice acidity
• Food pairing :
Summer salads, fresh cheeses, aperitif
• Serving :
Between 8 and 10 °C
• Price :


Ile des Embiez Vineyard

The wine of Domaine Ile des Embiez comes from a winemaking tradition of more than 400 years: particular care in respecting the environment, work in the vines mainly done by hand, an atypical character due to its rare geographical location make each bottle a unique taste experience.

In spring
Disbudding, tillage, trimming

In summer/strong>
Monitoring of the evolution of the grape, harvestDisbudding, training, tilling the soil, mechanical weeding, treatment, foliar fertilising

In autumn and winter
Tillage, organic amendment, vine pruning

Ile des Embiez Vineyard

Planting of the first vines
Beginning of the exploitation of the vineyard
Purchase of the island of Embiez by Paul Ricard
Labeling of wines in AOC Côtes de Provence and Vins du Pays du Var
Beginning of the conversion to organic farming.
AB labeling of our wines

Where to buy our wines

Our Wine Shop

Located opposite the estate’s cellar, on the main square, the shop welcomes you from April to September.

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Wednesday to Monday and public holidays
Closed on Tuesdays

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